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    Sex addiction takes away life and vitality, using up valuable time and often finances.

    The greatest cost however is the inability to form long term intimate relationships. Life is about relationships - if one cannot maintain an enjoyable long term intimate relationship then there is nothing to live for. The addict can thus be described as a "living dead".

    Symptoms may vary from masturbation addiction, visiting prostitutes or perhaps illegal activities.

    The Problem

    The addict enters a state of preoccupation. The mind is engrosses with thoughts of sex.

    The next stage of ritualisation involves the addicts' own unique routines which lead to sexual behaviour. It intensifies the preoccupation adding arousal and excitement.

    This leads to the stage of compulsive sexual behaviour  - the sex act. Sex addicts are unable to control or stop this behaviour.

    The final stage of despair is a feeling of utter hopelessness about his or her behaviour and their powerlessness - Much worse than an alcoholic's hangover. This state is not always noticed by the addict as it is suppressed.

    Sex addicts are hostages of their own preoccupation. More than merely noticing sexual attractive people, there is a quality of desperation which interferes with their work, relaxation and even sleep.

    The addict struggles to present an image of normalcy to the outside world yet lives a double life with the secrecy of sexual preoccupation on the inside. This is a sign of sex addiction.

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    Joel Mahabir Pg Dip Couns Psych.  Pg Dip Psych.
    Qualified Counsellor in private practice for 16 years.

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