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    It is natural to go through the bereavement process when someone dies or when experiencing loss.  If this process does not occur then something has gone wrong.

    For some people the loss is too great to cope with and can be overwhelming.

    Bereavement counselling supports the individual in this situation.  Such support facilitates (and may even speed up) the grieving process.  Other people are stuck in the grieving process.  Bereavement Counselling enables the individual to remove the blockages to the natural grieving process.

    Counsellor and psychotherapist Joel Mahabir specialized in bereavement treatment for three years while working with people with learning disabilities in the NHS.



    Call now to arrange immediate help 020 8579 8110

    Joel Mahabir Pg Dip Couns Psych.  Pg Dip Psych.
    Qualified Counsellor in private practice for 16 years.

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