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    Anxiety feelings can be a normal response to a threatening situation.  Often the feelings are not welcome.

    Side-effects of avoidance-behaviour, sweating and tension can be unpleasant.

    Long term anxiety and stress can lead to depression.  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy works well in combating this state.


    Depression may come from a medical or psychological cause.

    In many cases the brain chemicals of the individual is depleted and needs to be replenished.  This medical imbalance can easily be treated using natural medication or conventional medicine.  Joel Mahabir is a qualified Medical Iridologist and works holistically with natural medicines.  Joel integrates appropriate and relevant counselling therapies.

    In some cases the depression is psychological in origin.  We “de-press” our uncomfortable feelings of hurt and emotional pain.  A course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is likely to be the most effective path to take for psychological depression.  Psychological treatment of depression for those in addiction does not work effectively.  What is required is specialist treatment to address the addiction.  Joel has specialised in treating people with addiction for over 10 years.

    Why conventional approaches are limited

    Depression is typically treated using either the medical or psychological approach.  Often both treatments are required, e.g. inability to deal with stress indicates a psychological need.  If this stress continues over a period of time, brain chemical are depleted resulting in a medical imbalance.  Both approaches to treating depression are often needed, yet people often receive only one type of treatment which is extremely limiting.

    The secret to treating depression effectively

    A holistic approach is taken to assess where the depression is coming from and a suitable action plan is drawn up to deal with the depression effectively.


    If you think your depression is psychological in origin, consider carefully how you react to situations.  You are completely free to react in any way you want.  Why not choose a more positive way to react?  If you choose to bury painful emotions you are likely to get depressed.

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    Joel Mahabir Pg Dip Couns Psych.  Pg Dip Psych.
    Qualified Counsellor in private practice for 16 years.

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