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    Qualifications Experience

    Therapist Joel Mahabir is a member of the British Psychological Society and has been in private practice as a therapist for over 17 years.

    Qualified and experience counsellor Joel Mahabir graduated from City University in 2001 with a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology.

    He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology from the Open University (1998).

    As a counsellor in Employer Assistant Programmes Joel has successfully helped people in companies such as British Gas and The Department of Trade & Industry.

    Unique and Successful Approach

    There are many styles of counselling and psychotherapy. It may be confusing to see so many types of therapy out there. It is a minefield for those who do not know much about counselling approaches. A Free Initial Consultation is therefore offered to those who have not had counselling before at Ealing, West London venue.

    Typically a counsellor or centre will offer counselling in one particular style. The individual may be lucky to hit on the correct approach immediately. With so many styles of psychotherapy however the individual may not receive the suitable type of therapy for the issues presented. Joel is qualified in Counselling Psychology and is well able to match the appropriate type of therapy to the presenting problem e.g. anxiety or depression and to suit the personality of the individual.

    For example, counselling may start with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to address the presenting problem but could move on to another approach, Person Centred Counselling to deal with the underlying issues.

    This tailor-made therapy results in short term-term counselling: saving costs.

    Joel provides Counselling and Psychotherapy in Ealing, West-London and Central London.

    Brain Body Connection

    Joel’s background has been in Medical Iridology where he observed many forms of illness having a mental-health component. The phrase is often used “where there is dis-ease there is disease”. In pursuing possible psychological causes to illness Joel went on to train in Counselling Psychology.

    Not only does the mind has an impact the body but also the body affect the mind. Drug and alcohol abuse requires the body’s brain chemicals and amino acids to be rebalanced. Examples:

    Excessive alcohol intake causes GABA, serotonin endorphin and dopamine deficiencies. Over active adrenals can lead to anxiety. All these deficiencies need to be addressed and can be assessed by Joel as a qualified Iridology practitioner.


    I have been in counselling with Joel Mahabir and have found it useful, because he always listened and understood my situation. I would definitely recommend him.

    Rosanna S. Female (28).

    I have been working with Joel and it has been brilliant but challenging work, which has assisted me to look at my relationships, in particular with relationship to my Co-Dependency. The work that has allowed me to make some big changes within my life, in particular the relationships with my family and partner. This has allowed me to build on my confidence and rebuild my life.

    Iain S. Male (26).

    I have been seeing Joel Mahabir for regular therapy sessions.

    I have found him to be very helpful and understanding at all time in relations to the problems that I have experienced.

    Roy C. Male (47).


    I have been regularly seeing Joel Mahabir as a psychotherapist. He has helped and supported me with a wide range of areas in my life including my health, work, and relationships just to name a few.

    I have always been and continue to be immensely impressed with his ability to work with an extensive array of subjects, as well as his breadth and depth of knowledge, expertise, qualifications and skill. I have always found him to be helpful, empathetic, and professional and a very good listener. From working with him I have hugely benefited in all areas of my life.

    I have the experience of having seen other therapists for psychotherapy in the past. I’ve also worked with therapists professionally and have some training and qualifications in this area myself. Joel is among the best I’ve come across, both in the UK and in the US, has had a great impact on me personally and in my view he make a great contribution to the field as a whole.

    I plan to continue seeing him on a regular basis to carry on with my progress and personal development and I would highly recommend him.

    Elizabeth H. Female (32).


    I have known Mr Mahabir for a number of years, as a colleague at the Broadway Natural Therapy Centre, when we were both members of the team of therapists working there and later as one of his supervisors in the area of Counselling Psychology.

    Mr Mahabir is a caring and conscientious individual in his personal and professional dealings, with considerable experience in a wide area of life and work; I know him as a counsellor of long standing. He is thoroughly committed to supervision, on-going training and personal and professional development.

    I have found him to be reliable and trustworthy in all my dealings with him, and he is meticulous in his communications that are always clear.

    Angela P. Supervisor.

    Call now to arrange immediate help 020 8579 8110

    Joel Mahabir Pg Dip Couns Psych.  Pg Dip Psych.
    Qualified Counsellor in private practice for 16 years.

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